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Well it has been a busy few months since leaving Ramboll and setting up new company (Digital Guerrilla in case you don’t know by now) and since I have never done this before it has been a steep learning curve.

Now setting up the company was relatively easy – find a name and get registered on company house, get an accountant, get registered for PAYE, VAT, set up a website which sounds simple enough until you have to deal with DNS codes and get these aligned with your provider (WTF! where is IT when you need them) oh and do all my own IT, get business cards, send lots and lots of emails, endless meetings and cups of coffee.

Once I had set up my website which took along time especially when I had to rebuild it as no one tells you when you set up a website you should use linx and not windows as it runs faster, so I must have missed this in the “be your own boss book”.

Almost forgot about Office 365 which is awesome but again because I’m doing all my own IT this took about 7 hrs to set up as yet again I had to mess about with DNS codes to get everything all linked up.

BTW O365 is awesome as everything is cloud based so I am able to set up teams and groups for all my clients which in turn links into sharepoint, onedrive, onenote for live collaboration ie diaries, notes, skype for business etc etc the list goes on.

But the OCD in me loves some of the spreadsheets I’ve had to develop to work out fee levels, fee projections, look ahead forecasts etc etc

I must admit the amount of offers of assistance and well wishes from near and far has been awesome and very much appreciated and its time like these you know truly who your friends are.

Looking forward to sharing my experiences over the coming months and years.


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