Time for another update of uniclass 2015. This time there has been 361 updates with 197 new codes added to Co, En, SL, Ss, Pr & TE.

The January 2018 Update features some additions to the Complexes, Entities and Spaces/ location tables as a result of input from the Southern Regional College in Northern Ireland and the Environment Agency. In addition, our liaisons have extended internationally to colleagues using the Uniclass tables at Transport for New South Wales. The Products table includes modifications and additions of note in relation to rail track and communications following work with the track and communications departments at Transport for London. Discussions and support in use of the codes continues with the manufacturers who supply Transport for London. New codes for the water industry also feature in this Update thanks to recent activity with representatives of Northumbrian Water Ltd.

All updates are noted below.

For a more indepth descriptions of all the changes please refer to https://toolkit.thenbs.com/articles/classification#latestupdates


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