Time for another update of uniclass 2015. This time there has been 656 updates with 346 new codes added to Co, En, Ac, SL, Ss, Pr, TE & PM.

“This is the latest in our programme of regular updates to Uniclass 2015, and includes updates to nine tables. Between updates, we liaise regularly with a growing number of individuals and organizations around the world who are using the tables, to provide support and assist with requests for new codes.

We have been discussing the relationship between Complexes and Entities codes with Transport for New South Wales in Australia, and Transport for London in the UK and there are major revisions to these two tables as a result, as well as the addition of a new group of cables for signalling in the Products table and some new Spaces/ location table codes.

Following user feedback, we’ve been taking a look at spaces and entities associated with residential properties. Subgoups within the Project Management table have been amended, and there are substantial additions to the Products and Tools and equipment tables for plant, equipment and tools used in workshops.”

All updates are noted below.

For a more indepth descriptions of all the changes please refer to https://toolkit.thenbs.com/articles/classification#latestupdates



(posted updated 11/09/2018 due to errors that were found in the TE table.)

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