Time for another update of uniclass 2015. This time there has been 385 updates with 221 new codes added to Co, Ac, SL, EF, Ss, Pr, TE, FI, PM & Ro tables and 102 have been deleted from SL, EF, Ss, Pr, TE, FI, PM tables.

This is the latest in our quarterly updating programme for Uniclass 2015, and includes updates to eleven tables.

We have been working with a number of organizations during the last three months to improve the content of the classification tables. The following codes are now included in the tables:

  • For signalling, as a result of discussions with Transport for London.
  • For pneumatic motors and chlorination equipment, following discussions with Northumbrian Water Ltd.
  • For fish, eel and lamprey passes and hatcheries, following discussions with the Environment Agency.
  • For automatic aircraft docking systems, and escalators and moving walks products, following requests from Pascall+Watson.
  • For gangways and train boarding ramps, and trackside buildings, as a result of queries from Transport for New South Wales.
  • Codes for structural classification in the Elements/ functions table have been amended, following a meeting with the Institute of Structural Engineers’ BIM panel.
  • Codes for air conditioning equipment for AG Coombes, in the state of Victoria in Australia.

We have taken the opportunity to amend some entries in the Systems table, reducing the instances of duplication for ‘Operable barriers’; and the Tools and Equipment table, making the classification’s granularity more consistent.

Other additions and amendments to codes and classifications in the tables have been made, following queries from users of the classification.

For a more indepth descriptions of all the changes please refer to https://www.thenbs.com/knowledge/uniclass-2015-july-2019-update

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