2021 End of Year Review

  • 31/12/2021
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As 2021 draws to a close we reflect on a fantastic year for Digital Guerrilla, so here are a few highlights of some of the projects we have been involved with.

This year we took on our 1st full time staff employee Robyn, not only help grow the business but to help look at other areas of training, R&D and client support and training which has been off to a fantastic start. As well as helping with work/life balance which is important for the company, Robyn is playing an important role in the companies future growth and hopefully in the years to come will take on more responsibility in the day to day management.

Training was down this year from a high in 2020, but in real terms this was more down to lack of time to fit in requested training hence why we needed more staff, but with that we still managed to deliver 3 BIM Awareness seminars, 3 Revit Structure courses as well as 1 of our Delivering COBie, Ifc & Classification courses (most of which are now delivered online via Digital Guerrilla Academy). For BSI we also delivered 12 courses and Digital Guerrilla Academy saw a steady increase in student numbers with most renewing their yearly subscription. 2022 will also see a new partnerships with Solibri, BRE & Global eTraining, further news coming soon.

Information Management:
Representing 65% of our business IM has increased 5% this year due to client IMs being a requirement on all Scottish Futures Trust LEIP funded projects which are part of the Scottish Governments £1bn Schools for the Future Programme, which has seen real client engagement and project teams taking note that what they are now delivering is under scrutiny. This year we took 3 schools to RIBA stages 3 & 4 with our long standing client Architype and RIBA Stage 3 with East Ayrshire Council who we have been heavily involved with since a joint pilot project we were commissioned back in 2018 by SFT and seen us kick off 2 new school projects with them. Also we have been supporting the Elliott Group as part of the Department of Education’s £3bn Offsite Schools framework where we delivering IM on 6 schools covering RIBA Stages 2 & 3. In Q1/2022 we will be handing over HFD Group’s flagship 177 Bothwell Street will become the first development in Scotland – and among the first 70 in the world – to achieve the new independently-verified global gold standard for smart buildings.

At Digital Guerrilla all our Information Management projects are provided with Revit > IFC > COBie > Uniclass 2015 mapping including all necessary setup and guidance files aswell as access to our Digital Guerrilla Academy to provide access to our Delivering COBie, Ifc & Classification using Autodesk Revit (uniclass 2015 version) course for all project team members for enhanced training and support which will provide the client with all the necessary data for their chosen CAFM.

Further IM Stats:

  • Number of Reports = 16
    • Number of Analysis Files = 106
    • Data Analysed = 1006+
  • Number of Native Models = 55

Research & development has always been an important part of Digital Guerrilla which represented 26% in real terms of time commitment in 2020 which fell to just 5% in 2021 due to significant IM project wins which resulted in more staff required to allow this important area to continue. when Robyn came on board she set out to take our extensive validation procedures which were focused around excel (sounds simple but excel means over a dozen workbooks covering Ifc (mapping for IfcClassTypes, Enumerations & PSet parameters), uniclass (mapping for NBS, NRM, Ifc & SFG20) & revit (mapping of IfcClassTypes, uniclass, layers)) and pushed these into Solibri and at the same time developing guidance and training as a follow on adding a final part of our Delivering COBie, Ifc & Classification course which is due to be release Q1/2022. Also we have been working on some interested SFT funded work along with Virtual-PHi which due for public release in Q1/2022 aswell.

On a side note the latest R&D we have been working on is using powerquery to perform data harvest from various websites and other freely available data resources to build further validations on which is proving very interesting.

This year we also took part and sponsored the BIM Coordination Summit in October nominating 10 of our BIM Heroes, which was a great event and we look forward to continue our involvement to shape the planned 2022 event. Also after a call from Bill East we are now a sponsor of the Buildingsmart International COBie development project and are looking forward to being involved with shaping COBie 2.5, and we sponsored DiRoots to help support them to continue development of their awesome FREE apps especially SheetLink.

On a personal thank you to our consultants (Fly3D, STW Designs & DWG Tech Services) who have helped us this year on various clients projects with fantastic results.

As we look forward to 2022, have a great Happy New Year to all our clients and friends around the world.

Team Guerrilla

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