Time for another update of uniclass 2015 which is the 2nd smallest quarterly updates update in a row (are we seeing a trend that uniclass is finally slowing down?). This time there has been 62 updates with only 55 new codes (same as Jan Update) added to En, Ac, SL, Ss, Pr & PM tables, zero codes have been deleted & 7 codes have had title changes from the Ss & Pr tables.

This is the latest in our quarterly updating programme for Uniclass. It includes updates to 6 tables.

We have been working with the University of Liverpool to add new codes to the Entities and Spaces/ locations tables.

Previously used codes

We aim to minimize changes to existing codes and classifications, but we always take feedback from users into account. Any changes are the result of this input, combined with our own ongoing review, and this sometimes means that a code is moved to another location in the tables – or deleted completely.

Continuing input and feedback

Between updates, we regularly liaise with a growing number of individuals and organizations using the tables in order to provide support, and to evaluate requests for new codes. We are grateful to all of the organizations that we have worked with for their input. As we share details of this activity, industry professionals can learn more about who else is using the tables, what purposes they are using them for, the range of changes to expect and the reasons for those changes.

The work of maintaining and enhancing Uniclass to continually support the needs of those operating in the built environment is an ongoing exercise. We welcome comment and input from all sectors in the construction industry via the website.

Changes to published versions

Status and revision information is available alongside each Uniclass table. Each information sheet (PDF) provides a summary of the changes made, as well as code-by-code details. A full list of all changes is also available in the Excel change log.

Contains Original text copied from https://www.thenbs.com/knowledge/uniclass-april-2024-update

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