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We are a Building Information Modelling & Digital Information Management consultancy bringing together leading experts to support the Scottish Construction Market.

Our mantra

At Digital Guerrilla, our aim is to ensure your use of digital technologies is improved through training, education, and support to gain efficiencies and better business outcomes throughout the design process.

The most dangerous phrase in the language is “we’ve always done it this way.”

Rear Admiral Grace Hopper

What We Do

Do you have something you need help with, but it's not listed below? Give us a call as we love a challenge!

BIM/Digital Strategies

We will guide your company to realise "the" vision

• develop the overall strategy
• assist with the AS-IS baseline
• provide onboarding for staff

BIM/CAD Standards

We will develop your core guidelines to ensure a "one company" approach

• develop 'core' standards/templates
• assist with the 'core' training
• provide ongoing 'core' support

Software Training

We will train and develop your biggest assets, "staff"

• develop the right approach for you
• assist with assessing staff capability
• provide a structured training agenda

Information Management

We will help you develop core skills to "validate" your deliverables

• develop your information strategy
• assist with model validation
• provide feedback and support

Coordination Management

We will help you develop core skills for "model coordination"

• develop your coordination approach
• assist with model coordination
• provide training and support

BIM Management

We will manage the overall process so your team is "working efficiently"

• develop your internal BIM network
• assist with BIM implementation
• provide BIM support & guidance

Project Set up and Support

We will support your team to deliver the "best possible" outcomes

• develop the project kick-off
• assist with project deliverables
• provide a helpline for support

Project Bid BIM Support

We will help & support you to deliver the "winning bid"

• develop the BIM capability statement
• assist with project write ups
• provide CV's and supporting material

a different business approach

We are Digital Guerrilla, Scotland’s first Building Information Modelling & Digital Information Management consultancy, bringing together leading experts to support the Scottish Construction Market.

We assist clients with what they need to prepare for, support design teams with what they need to deliver, covering aspects of technology, training, business benefits and be a key partner for you to turn to for advice in this acronym led field when it simply gets too confusing.


Graham H Stewart

Graham H Stewart

Digital Director

With 30 years in the construction industry, Graham has always been interested in technology and software, from AutoCAD back in the early 90s to full 3d modelling in the 00s. Over his career, Graham has worked all over the world on some iconic projects ranging from loft conversions in Glasgow to multi-Billion dollar convention centres & 800ft high towers in the Middle East.

For the past 5 years Graham was UK Head of BIM at Ramboll, responsible for Integrated Business Technology and part of the senior management team implementing BIM across the global business. Sharing knowledge and experience has always been something Graham has been passionate about which resulted in him attending the UK’s 1st Building Information Modelling Management MSc course at Middlesex University which he completed in 2016, with his final Thesis on how BIM can assist in the assessment of Project Complexity.


BIM4Real – How do we deliver a BIM project?

BIM4Real was set up in 2013 by Rob Clark/Excitech, Ray Purvis/Atkins & Graham H Stewart/Ramboll (now at Digital Guerrilla). The sole purpose of this event was to bring industry leaders together for a day to work on a mock up project to document the process of delivering a BIM Level 2 project to the clients EIR. Continuing with our ethos to engage with industry to document best practice, the committee is currently developing more workshops.

CSIC – Preparing for BIM

Construction Scotland Innovation Center, supported by Scottish Enterprise and in partnership with the Scottish Futures Trust, BIM Region Scotland and the Scottish BIM Suppliers Group will be helping Scottish SME's get ready for BIM Level 2 with a programme of free awareness & implementation events and free impartial advisory service.

At BRE Academy you’ll be met with a warm welcome and a desire to help you succeed.

BRE Academy, is the leading international provider of blended learning training and education programmes for professionals and employers. Developed by BRE and industry experts, its content rich, high quality courses, both online and classroom, along with learning materials, are shared with a vast audience from students to professionals who work within the Built Environment.


What is Pluralsight?
As your industry and business model evolve, you need a learning solution that helps you deliver key innovations on time and on budget. With our platform, you can evaluate the technical abilities of your teams, align learning to key business objectives and close skills gaps in critical areas like cloud, design, security, mobile and data.

SFT – Scottish Public Sector BIM Implementation

Scottish Futures Trust, this website has been developed to support the Scottish Public Sector implement BIM within the built environment. This guidance portal has been designed to Keep digital working simple, Aligned to the needs of the Scottish Public Sector and Support procuring authorities decide where appropriate, BIM should be implemented within projects and to what level of BIM maturity.

UK BIM Alliance

UK BIM Alliance, we are the latest evolution of the UK BIM movement. Our context is the digital formation of the Built Environment. It is not about BIM, but a broader vision for what our industry can be. We want BIM Level 2 as business as usual by 2020.

Fly3D – The Drone Imagery and Data Specialist.

Fly3D Ltd. is a forward looking Commercial Drone Operator with a vast gamut of experience which precedes the Company by 20 years.
Embrace new technologies such as drones, VR, AR, embracing new culture shifts and workflows in BIM, Construction, we think we are perfectly positioned in what will be a growth area to service many sectors and industries.

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