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We are a Building Information Modelling & Digital Information Management consultancy bringing together leading experts to support the Global Construction Market.




Time for another update of uniclass 2015. This time there has been 468 updates with 269 new codes added to En,…


Time for another update of uniclass 2015. This time there has been 401 updates with 207 new codes added to En,…

Our mantra

At Digital Guerrilla, our aim is to ensure your use of digital technologies is improved through training, education, and support to gain efficiencies and better business outcomes throughout the design process.

The most dangerous phrase in the language is “we’ve always done it this way.”

Rear Admiral Grace Hopper


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What We Do

Do you have something you need help with, but it's not listed below? Give us a call as we love a challenge!

BIM Level 2 Ready Assessment

We will assess your current capability for "Verification/Certification"

• talk to your People
• review your Processes
• assess your Technology

BIM/Digital Strategies

We will guide your company to realise
"the" vision

• develop the overall strategy
• assist with the AS-IS baseline
• provide onboarding for staff

BIM/CAD Standards

We will develop your core guidelines to ensure a "one company" approach

• develop 'core' standards/templates
• assist with the 'core' training
• provide ongoing 'core' support

Software Training

We will train and develop your biggest assets,

• develop the right approach for you
• assist with assessing staff capability
• provide a structured training agenda

Information Management

We will help you develop core skills to
"validate" your deliverables

• develop your information strategy
• assist with model validation
• provide feedback and support

Coordination Management

We will help you develop core skills for
"model coordination"

• develop your coordination approach
• assist with model coordination
• provide training and support

BIM Management

We will manage the overall process so your team is "working efficiently"

• develop your internal BIM network
• assist with BIM implementation
• provide BIM support & guidance

Project Set up and Support

We will support your team to deliver the
"best possible" outcomes

• develop the project kick-off
• assist with project deliverables
• provide a helpline for support

Project Bid BIM Support

We will help & support you to deliver the
"winning bid"

• develop the BIM capability statement
• assist with project write ups
• provide CV's and supporting material

a different business approach

We are Digital Guerrilla, Scotland’s first Building Information Modelling & Digital Information Management consultancy, bringing together leading experts to support the Scottish Construction Market.

We assist clients with what they need to prepare for, support design teams with what they need to deliver, covering aspects of technology, training, business benefits and be a key partner for you to turn to for advice in this acronym led field when it simply gets too confusing.


Graham H Stewart

Graham H Stewart

Digital Director

With 31 years in the construction industry, Graham has always been interested in technology and software, from AutoCAD back in the early 90s to full 3d modelling in the 00s. Over his career, Graham has worked all over the world on some iconic projects ranging from loft conversions in Glasgow to multi-Billion dollar convention centres & 800ft high towers in the Middle East.

Graham has held various senior roles over his career including UK Head of BIM at Ramboll, responsible for Integrated Business Technology and part of the senior management team implementing BIM across the global business. Sharing knowledge and experience has always been something Graham has been passionate about which resulted in him attending the UK’s 1st Building Information Modelling Management MSc course at Middlesex University which he completed in 2016, with his final Thesis on how BIM can assist in the assessment of Project Complexity.


  • As well as a comprehensive list of BIM seminars and presentations we also provide software training for Autodesk Revit Architecture, Autodesk Revit Structure & Autodesk Navisworks including initial set up, templates and project support.

    We also deliver either a 1 or 2 day course on COBie, Ifc & classification aswell as the FULL Revit Setup with all the templates and mapping required.

    If you can't find what you are looking for then please get in touch as we also deliver bespoke training to meet your specific needs.

    We deliver BIM and Software Training
  • This 3 hr seminar has been developed to give you a common understanding of BIM through a series of short presentations, group work and some open discussion. You will gain a common understanding of BIM, some of the standards and protocols that are now required to be used, how BIM should be used to get the most from your design team models and what the future of BIM in the UK is.

    BIM Awareness Seimnar
  • The Aim: This seminar has been developed to give staff a common understanding of BIM through a series of short presentations, group work and some open discussion. You will gain a common understanding of BIM, some of the standards and protocols that are now required to be used, how BIM should be used to get the most from your design team models and what the future of BIM in the UK is.
    The Outline: Creating a BIM Definition, What are BIM “Uses”?, What are the Benefits/Risks/Challenges?, Standards we need to know about, BIM in the UK/Scotland (Can be amended to suit your requirements)
    This seminar that will guide attendees through the initial steps required to implement BIM and what they need to know about going forward to deliver the new digital requirements clients are now demanding.

    BIM Awareness Training Day
  • This 2 hr presentation has been developed as a guide on how best to approach the early steps required to implement BIM in your organisation. You will gain an appreciation on some of the early steps you must go through to put a plan in-place with the right support and buy-in from both staff and senior management.

    BIM 101- Where do I Start?
  • This 2 hr presentation has been developed as an insight to the main software platforms currently in use today & future technologies just around the corner. You will gain an appreciation on costs, training & hardware requirements plus some thoughts on interoperability. All useful information for those early steps you will have to go through in order to put a plan in-place to get the support and buy-in from both staff and senior management.

    BIM 102 – What Software/Technology do I use?
  • This 2 hr presentation has been developed as an initial guide to understand all the standards that will affect your organisation going forward and what guidance you can put in place for your staff. You will gain an appreciation on all the standards contained within the Pillars on BIM plus a few other key standards and guidance documents companies should be adopting right now as a matter of course especially for document and information management.

    BIM 103a – What standards do I need to know about?
  • This 2 hr presentation has been developed as a walkthrough guide on what each section of PAS1192-2:2013 (the corner stone of BIM Level 2 as this covers the CAPEX stage of a project) covers, and what is relevant for you. You will gain an appreciation on the relevant information you need to consider, how this will affect you and your organisation when planning and delivering a BIM project.

    BIM 103b – What is PAS1192-2 anyway?
  • This 2 hr presentation will give attendees an appreciation of the software available to carry out model coordination and information validation to suit specific client’s requirements. You will also gain an insight into some quick workflows you can develop in Autodesk Revit, Navisworks & Solibri to assist your day to day coordination with other design team members, some of the free software on offer, then we will finish with a roundup of the future of data management.

    BIM 104 – How do I know my deliverables are good enough?
  • This 1 or 2 day course will guide Designers on how best to approach COBie using Autodesk Revit. We will highlight all the necessary steps on how to set up your Autodesk Revit model with the aid of both the Autodesk Classification Manager and the Autodesk COBie Extension in order to export COBie via Ifc & the Autodesk COBie Extension.
    We also provide a follow up (also stand alone) service which includes all mapping files for Ifc Classes to Autodesk Revit Categories, uniclass DWG export layers for Autodesk Revit, updated Autodesk Classification Manager uniclass 2015 tables (uniclass 1.4 & NRM 1 tables can also be provided) plus an indepth COBie & Ifc guidance document.

    Delivering COBie, Ifc & Classification for Designers


Building Information Beyond BIM™

Prairie Sky Consulting is a consortium of industry change-agents lead by Dr. Bill East, the inventor of the COBie standard. Bill and his associates support the implementation of COBie through the COBieAcademy and hands-on software testing. For construction contractors and subcontractors, the creation of COBie data can be demystified through Bill’s Lean Handover™ practices. Since Better Information Management (BIM) cannot be implemented simply by buying technology with the most buzzwords, Dr. East developed the COBie ScoreCard™ to plan, predict, and measure effect of enterprise transformation.

Connecting construction to its digital tomorrow.

coBuilder is an international company with more than 20 years of experience in developing software solutions for the construction industry. coBuilder’s mission is to facilitate the collaboration between the different actors within the construction process, based on structured, accurate data. coBuilder offers BIM software products that enhance information and documentation management for construction products using the unique Product Data Template methodology.

The future of model checking. Today.

Solibri is the leader in BIM Quality Assurance and Quality Control. Providing out of the box tools for BIM validation, compliance control, design process coordination, design review, analysis and code checking.
Solibri’s develops and markets quality assurance solutions that improve BIM-based design and make the entire design and construction process more productive and cost effective.

helps you to capture more useful skills data

KnowledgeSmart delivers skills gap analysis and benchmarking services to help AEC firms maximise their return on investment in technology, people and client services.
As a mature cloud-based service provider, KnowledgeSmart is the only online subscription offering that analyses and benchmarks construction industry software-user skills to help businesses create new efficiencies and develop competitive advantage to win more work and increase profit margins.

… making excellence a habit.

BSI is the business standards company that helps organizations make excellence a habit – all over the world. Our business is enabling others to perform better.
BSI works with business experts, government bodies, trade associations and consumer groups to capture best practice and structure the knowledge all organizations need to succeed.

At BRE Academy you’ll be met with a warm welcome and a desire to help you succeed.

BRE Academy, is the leading international provider of blended learning training and education programmes for professionals and employers. Developed by BRE and industry experts, its content rich, high quality courses, both online and classroom, along with learning materials, are shared with a vast audience from students to professionals who work within the Built Environment.

The Drone Imagery and Data Specialist.

Fly3D Ltd. is a forward looking Commercial Drone Operator with a vast gamut of experience which precedes the Company by 20 years.
Embrace new technologies such as drones, VR, AR, embracing new culture shifts and workflows in BIM, Construction, we think we are perfectly positioned in what will be a growth area to service many sectors and industries.

Sharing Shared Parameters

OpenRFA is an initiative started by a group of Building Information Modeling (BIM) professionals who have identified a gap in how we currently share Revit data throughout the AECO industry. Without a single set of standardized share parameters, it makes it difficult to maintain a single set of data.
OpenRFA is the first platform in which all organizations can truly share shared parameters. This set of parameters is moderated, and organized by the BIM community itself.

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