COBie Spreadsheet PickLists for Uniclass 2015 31st October 2021

  • 30/04/2022
  • DGuerrilla
  • Version 1.0
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  • Create Date 30/04/2022

In order to update your COBie Spreadsheet PickLists tab to meet the requirements of BS1192-4:2014 cl. 6.3.1. Note 6 i) Every reference to PickList enumerations and classifications should be valid, please note the following, which only needs to be carried out once you have completed all of the noted validations including using the COBie QC Reporter prior to uploading to the CDE to avoid having to repeat unnecessary.

  1. In your validated COBie Spreadsheet, delete the PickLists tab
  2. In the file DGuerrilla FREE COBie PickLists Uniclass 2015-20211031, right click the PickLists tab > select Move or Copy... > select Create a Copy > select your COBie Spreadsheet you are ready to upload to the CDE file name under To book: > pick (move to end) under Before sheet: then select OK.
  3. Save file and upload to CDE.

Heading Updates
Category-Element Uniclass Table Ss - 26 October 2021 - v1.24
Category-Facility Uniclass Table En - 26 October 2021 - v1.22
Category-Product Uniclass Table Pr - 26 October 2021 - v1.24
Category-Role Uniclass Table Ro - 28 April 2021 - v1.5
Category-Space Uniclass Table SL - 26 October 2021 - v1.22
Units-Currency IFC2x3 IfcCurrencyEnum (used in the file) or for IFC4 update to suit ISO 4217:2015

As noted this should only need to be carried out prior to uploading your exporting COBie spreadsheet to the CDE.

Note: If you are always using a set version of uniclass 2015 e.g. the latest, you could elect to update the BIM Interoperability Tools template file COBie.Extension.Template.UK.xlsx which is located C:Program Files (x86)AutodeskBIT##Resources (## is the year version of Revit you are using). Once this has been updated all exported COBie Spreadsheets from the BIM Interoperability Tools > COBie Extension > Create Spreadsheet, will contain this PickLists.

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