Delivering COBie, Ifc & Classification for Design Consultants

updated 17/04/2023

For more than 5 years, we have been doing R&D on a full plug&play setup for Revit in order for design consultants to deliver COBie, Ifc & Classification as part on the Information/Asset Management requirements now demanded by clients. During that time we have used this setup on dozens of projects and delivered training for over 25 consultants and put our course online with Digital Guerrilla Academy.

Our set up is as follows (covers Revit Year Releases 2020-2023):

You will also receive a 150+ page guidance document (Asset Management Guide for Autodesk Revit) now delivered via which runs through how to set up Revit, Ifc mapping & Psets, your system & model aswell as a step by step guide on the COBie Extension, Classification Manager and all the Ifc export options. This guide also contains a complete run through of all the 272 COBie parameters listing descriptions (ref from NBIMs v3 c4.2), examples, responsibility, mapping and linking to NBIMs Annex A. Also running through model validation & using COBie QC Reporter.

Our Digital Guerrilla Data Master file has the following tabs which contain information to generate a lot of the files noted above but also a few extra bonuses (covers Revit Year Releases 2016-2021) accessed via as a paid subscription:

Note: COBie Mapping, Ifc 2×3 & IFC4 Enumerations, MPDT IFC, Parameters & Uniclass 2015 are assessed via the Asset Management Guide on as various databases to help explore the relationships both for Ifc2x3 & IFC4.

If you are interested in a demonstration of our set up and how it will help you deliver better information then please get in touch.