Delivering COBie, Ifc & Classification for Design Consultants

updated 06/01/2022

For more than 4 years, we have been doing R&D on a full plug&play setup for Revit in order for design consultants to deliver COBie, Ifc & Classification as part on the Information/Asset Management requirements now demanded by clients. During that time we have used this setup on 4 projects and delivered training for 20 consultants and recently put our course online with Digital Guerrilla Academy.

Our set up is as follows (covers Revit Year Releases 2019-2022):

You will also receive a 150+ page guidance document (Asset Management Guide for Autodesk Revit) now delivered via which runs through how to set up Revit, Ifc mapping & Psets, your system & model aswell as a step by step guide on the COBie Extension, Classification Manager and all the Ifc export options. This guide also contains a complete run through of all the 272 COBie parameters listing descriptions (ref from NBIMs v3 c4.2), examples, responsibility, mapping and linking to NBIMs Annex A. Also running through model validation & using COBie QC Reporter.

Our Digital Guerrilla Data Master file has the following tabs which contain information to generate a lot of the files noted above but also a few extra bonuses (covers Revit Year Releases 2016-2021) accessed via as a paid subscription:

Note: COBie Mapping, Ifc 2×3 & IFC4 Enumerations, MPDT IFC, Parameters & Uniclass 2015 are assessed via the Asset Management Guide on as various databases to help explore the relationships both for Ifc2x3 & IFC4.

If you are interested in a demonstration of our set up and how it will help you deliver better information then please get in touch.

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