Where did 2018 go?

So just landed in Mumbai heading home after a week long visit to (a far east country) after delivering our popular “Delivering COBie, Ifc & Classification using Revit” course (our 2nd visit this month) to over 350 (an overview presentation on BIM Level 2 and the transition to ISO 19650) and 60 (hands on COBie course attendees) which was a great way to end a fantastic year.

This year has seen us grow our client base who have trusted us to help them develop their training and support needs as well as development of strategic roadmaps backed up by indepth analysis of their organisations with input senior management and staff.

Training has grown, delivering our popular COBie for Revit course and our BIM Awareness Workshops (delivered to over 330 attendees), and as a BSi training partner we delivered 12 courses to over 120 attendees which was great fun and looking forward to delivering many more in 2019.

2018 also saw us develop our Information Management offering with our 1st appointment to support Holmes Miller Architects and the Paisley Town Hall Redevelopment project with many more projects in the pipeline as 2019 looks like the year of data and validation.

So my flight is about to be called, I have 2 flights and 14 hrs of travel still to go and very much looking forward to seeing my family and a well earned rest (although my todo list keeps growing, now up at point 26 🙂 ).

All that remains is to wish all my clients and friends a very merry xmas and a happy new year and looking forward to continuing our Information Adventures in 2019.


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