Time for another update of uniclass 2015. This time there has been 401 updates with 207 new codes added to En, EF, Ss, Pr, PM & the new Ro table.

“This is the latest in our quarterly updating programme for Uniclass 2015 and includes updates to six tables, as well as the introduction of a new table.

New ‘Roles’ table created

The roles included in the Project Management table of Uniclass 2015 were developed using the BS/PAS 1192 standards and many of the roles listed in the digital plan of works.

More recently, our work with the team at Transport for New South Wales (TfNSW) in Australia has brought about the introduction of a new table for ‘Roles’. The TfNSW team launched their digital engineering procedures towards the end of 2018, which implement Uniclass 2015 as the classification structure for this project. In order to facilitate the management of maintenance costing and projects, we discussed the need for additional classification codes for tradespeople.

To meet this requirement, NBS took the decision that a separate table for roles was more appropriate, and therefore we have taken all the ‘Personnel’ codes from the ‘Project Management’ table and developed a new ‘Roles’ table. This table will be available as a beta version with the intention of publishing it in April 2019.

Updates to existing tables

‘Entities’ table: We have started to liaise with Royal HaskoningDHV to include classifications for marine projects. Two codes have been added in this update, with more to follow.

‘Elements/ functions’ table: We have added a new group and subgroup to this table for classifying a project site.

There are also additions to the ‘Systems’ and ‘Products’ tables as a result of requests from various users, and we have corrected a duplication in the ‘Spaces/ location’ table.”

All updates are noted below.

For a more indepth descriptions of all the changes please refer to https://toolkit.thenbs.com/articles/classification#latestupdates

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