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A great start to the day by receiving comfirmation that our class has been accepted.

Delivering COBie, Classification & Ifc using Revit for Asset Management

To deliver models that are fit for the client’s requirements, we need designers and the wider supply chain to structure data in a specific way. This class has been developed as a guide for implementing a data management workflow in alignment with the projects Asset Management’s requirements i.e. COBie. We will run through all the setup and mapping processes required during the design stages.

This class session has been developed as a guide on how best to approach COBie using Autodesk Revit.
We will go through the necessary steps on how to set up your model with the aid of the BIM Interoperability Tools using the Classification Manager, COBie Extension and the Model Checker in order to export COBie.
During the 1st initial part of the class session, we will run over a lot of the hacks and black magic that is necessary to get Revit to comply especially when exporting Ifc (yes we will be running over all these export setting aswell).
Some of the questions we will be covering are?
• How do we set up our model?
• What mapping files are required
• Using the COBie extension parameter mapping
• Using the Classification Manager and how to hack it to export multiple classifications including IfcClassification
Ifc parameter to consider using as part of your standard template setup.
During the 2nd part of the class session, we will go over model validation looking at the Model Checker and the COBie QC Reporter which is the only way to 100% guarantee full COBie compliance that clients and contractors are now demanding.
Some of the questions we will be covering are?
• Workflows for model validation
• Using Model Checker to validate COBie – lessons learned
• Using the COBie QC Reporter
• We will also be looking over the COBie bible (no not BS1192-4:2014) the US National BIM Standard v3, 4.2 + Annex A
We hope you attend our class which has been developed from over 2 years of research, training, and development with our clients to try and make the process as simple as possible.
Active discussion is likely and will be welcomed.

Learn about the theory of COBie, what Ifc means for designers and how to deliver via Autodesk Revit & Ifc

Getting under the hood of the Autodesk BIM Interoperability Tools & Ifc to learn some of hacks and black magic that is necessary

Leaning about mapping and customisation required between Revit to Ifc to COBie to minimise the amount of data required

Looking forward to welcoming everyone to Scotland and seeing you all in Edinburgh.

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