Let’s Talk About Decentralisation of Data, COBie, E.V.I.E, Life and the Universe!

This week saw the release of 2 podcast’s featuring our Digital Director, Graham.

For the 1st video podcast Graham was invited by Mario Fionda from James Gray Recruitment to talk about COBie to try and give a clear explanation on why COBie is important and why clear guidance is required by the client. They also discuss what the design team, contractor and supply chain need to deliver and how Information Management plays a key role validating all deliverables meet the clients requirements.

For our 2nd podcast Graham was invited by Silvia Taurer & Julia Kaltenegger of The BILT Academy to take part in their Podcast Episode Six – Decentralization Part 2. hosted by Carl Storm.

In this podcast we talked to various industry leaders on decentralisation of data, what this means now and how can we shape this in the future of an ever changing industry and digital landscape.

One of key items that came out of the talk with Heinrich Lünenschloss the Manager of Digital Construction at Köster Gmbh was the idea of Open Interfacing Components which very much hit home with Graham as during his final year of his MSc BIM Management course at Middlesex University one of his final thesis suggestions was E(Environmental).V(Virtual).I(Interfacing).E(Element) based around open data sources, linked data, predicative analytics as a way of googlising the construction industry.

Hope you enjoy the podcast’s.

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