COBie PickLists – FREE Downloads

At Digital Guerrilla as part of our support to clients and our project teams where we are delivering Information Management we have recently started to provide COBie PickLists which have been updated to suit the month/year release of uniclass 2015 (Category-Element, Category-Facility, Category-Product, Category-Role & Category-Space) tables aligned the projects exact requirements aswell as Units-Currency updated to suit IFC2x3 IfcCurrencyEnum.

Now we are providing these for FREE to help other project teams keep more aligned with the project specific version of uniclass 2015 that is being implemented and to keep their COBie export 100% compliance in accordance with BS1192-4:2014 cl. 6.3.1. Note 6 i) Every reference to PickList enumerations and classifications should be valid.

To download all 2021 & 2022 current versions, head over to Download COBie PickLists which can be accessed via the Downloads page from our website main menu.

Feel free to get intouch with any comments or suggestions.

Team Guerrilla

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