Digital Guerrilla new Public Training Course in London – BIM, COBie, Ifc & Classification

Digital Guerrilla are pleased to announce they will be delivering their popular COBie, Ifc & Classification course in London 16th Oct 2018. Sign up here – By attending this course you will be eligible to receive a £500 discount on Digital Guerrilla’s “COBie Set up for Revit” which contains all the mapping files for Revit you will need aswell as a 70+ page … Continue Reading


Time for another update of uniclass 2015. This time there has been 299 updates with 30 new codes added to En, Ac, SL, Ss, Pr & PM. “In particular, the April 2018 Update has some additions and amendments following input from tunnels experts Dr Sauer & Partners. As a result there are additions to the Spaces/ … Continue Reading

Digital Guerrilla release 2 new Public Training Courses for 2018 – BIM, COBie, Ifc & Classification

Digital Guerrilla are pleased to announce the release of 2 new public courses today. We are pleased to announce the release of our 1st 2018 public BIM training course. This course is based on our popular BIM101 series which we ran last year. Sign up here – We are also pleased to announce our … Continue Reading


Evening Time for another update of uniclass 2015. This time there has been 361 updates with 197 new codes added to Co, En, SL, Ss, Pr & TE. The January 2018 Update features some additions to the Complexes, Entities and Spaces/ location tables as a result of input from the Southern Regional College in Northern Ireland … Continue Reading

Uniclass 2015 Duplicate Codes

Evening Further to reviewing the latest updates (Jan 2018) I did a duplicate comparison in each of the tables and have found a number of entries (45) with the same description, in some case within the same table or in other tables which may cause some confusion when selecting the right code. This was highlighted … Continue Reading

Uniclass 2015 Oct 2017 Update

Evening Sorry for the delay but it seems I forgot to post about the Oct 2017 update? so better late than never. There were 1396 updates with 503 new codes added to tables En, SL, Ss, Pr, TE & PM with its 1st official release and was virtually rebuilt as only 5 remained unchanged. All updates … Continue Reading

Our Training Programme

We have just released details of our current training portfolio ( including BIM seminars and presentations, and software training for Autodesk Revit Architecture, Autodesk Revit Structure & Autodesk Navisworks, including initial set up, templates and project support. We have also included our new 2 day courses on COBie, Ifc & classification.   If you can’t … Continue Reading

Autodesk Classification Manager (update Aug 2017)

Evening Further to my post UNICLASS 2015 (A REVIEW) there has been an update to the classification manager which is mostly around updates to the excel tables. For the UK these updates where to suit the April 2017 release. Note: For details of UK uniclass 2015 July 2017 updates refer to UNICLASS 2015 JULY 2017 UPDATE. If you are … Continue Reading

Uniclass 2015 July 2017 Update

Evening Well as promised from NBS, time for another update of uniclass 2015. This time there has been 202 updates with 196 new codes added to AC, SL, Ss & Pr. We have worked with Turner & Townsend to add activities to reflect the BIM process as set out in PAS 1192-2. A new group of … Continue Reading

Autodesk Classification Manager – updating uniclass 2015

Evening You may not be aware but if you are using the Autodesk Classification Manager this contains out of date uniclass tables from 2016 which were updated in April 2017. Updating these tables can be time consuming but not impossible, the following describes the process I went through to update for uniclass 2015 & 1.4 … Continue Reading